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Fair Use

We do support Fair Use of this music and additionally allow for the 30-second samples of this music to be used in personal, non-commercial videos and slideshows and shared over social media.


The albums designed for personal use are specifically made to be used with headphones and used by a person in a private, personal capacity. The albums noted as “Professional” are designed for open spaces to be played over speakers and do require an annual license to be used in that capacity. The license allows the license holder to play the music in open spaces publicly, and semi-public spaces such as offices, warehouses, stores, and similar. It does NOT allow the license holder to reproduce the music in other media, advertising, games, compilations, or similar and in any way be redistributed.

Right to Cancel

We provide this music in good faith that the albums will only be used in a personal, private capacity and if you want to use it in a public or commercial space you will buy an annual license which gives you the right to do so for a year. However if the music, even licensed, is reproduced or used as part of media, advertising, or commercially or redistributed in any way we still hold the right to cancel that license with no refund.

GDPR and Data Privacy

We understand the need to protect your personal information, billing information, and user account information and are committed to data protection and privacy. The personal information you provided to access this course will not be shared, sold, rented, or made public and is only used to provide you authentication to access these materials.

To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, accepting this terms of Use confirms that you would like to receive content from us. You can revoke your consent at any time contacting us at gdpr@isecom.org.

Additionally, all research is provided here for information purposes only and ISECOM is not responsible for any misuse.


We understand that conditions may arise where you may decide you no longer want or need the albums however we cannot offer a refund on a digital item as it cannot be returned.

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